Janna Newman
DHS, Support Staff

Janna Newman is a Human Service Specialist at the North Clackamas branch of Oregon’s Department of Human Services (DHS). Specialists provide assistance to individuals and families seeking services by providing specialized assistance on behalf of program staff. Janna helps to guide customers of Self Sufficiency Programs (SSP) through the sharing of rules, policies, procedures, and programs in collaboration with other branch staff. She assists customers in meeting emergent needs for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Temporary Assistance for Needy Family's (TNAF), and Employment Related Day Care(ERDC). Janna is passionate about providing anti-oppressive practices to better serve participants in need, treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve.

As a Ford Foundation recipient and scholar, Janna received a Bachelor’s degree in the Social Work program at Portland State University. She plans to earn her Master’s degree in Policy for Social Work at PSU.

Janna has volunteered at The Living Room of Clackamas County, helping to support LGBTQIA youth activities and events. She has helped Planned Parenthood with phone banking and event execution. She is an active member of her community garden and often speaks on behalf of the people in her community. Janna is a board member of the Residence Advisory Board for the Housing Authority of Clackamas County, where she hopes to help bridge the gap between Law Enforcement and the community in order to create a safer environment and encourage community engagement within her neighborhood.

In her free time, Janna paints and hides rocks as part of several groups in and around the Portland Metro Area. She loves going to the beach and spending time outdoors and embracing nature. She enjoys exercising and has been on a weight loss journey, losing over 90 lbs., which has inspired others around her to live a healthier lifestyle.