Jaimie Schmitz
Learning Media Producer, Bellevue University

Jaimie Schmitz, a rural Nebraska native, is passionate about education, mental health, and bringing awareness to marginalized communities. An underlying current of her work is the practice of empathy. With this as her foundation, she hopes to bring about an effort to bridge what she sees as both information and education gaps between metropolitan and rural areas. She is a strong advocate for digital literacy, and she hopes to use this platform to open balanced discussions and civil discourse on topics such as privilege, politics, mental health, religion, and healthcare to become part of healthy conversations, furthering growth throughout every community.

Jaimie grew up in Albion, Nebraska, then moved to the Omaha metro to attend UNO, where she received her BA in Communications. She worked as a journalist while in and out of college, where she won two journalism awards: an Eric Sevareid Award for a radio report on the TransCanada Pipeline and a Nebraska Press Association award for video reporting. She now works as a Learning Media Producer at Bellevue University, where she is also working towards her master's degree in Leadership.

When she isn't working, researching, or doing homework, Jaimie loves to meet new people, try new foods, spend time outside, read, watch alien documentaries, try new wines, and hangout with her friends, family, and animals.