Jacki	Carlson
Cafe Associate, Seven Stars Bakery

Jacki Carlson is a passionate activist, writer, and roller derby enthusiast. For the past eight years they have focused much of their career on sexual education and empowerment. In 2015 they graduated from Rhode Island College with a Bachelor's Degree in Gender and Women's Studies, putting much of what they learned to use in everyday life and a private direct selling business.

Jacki is a first-generation college graduate who celebrates their working class roots every day. Their passions lie in educating and empowering others, developing resources, and making change.

With a significant interest in how gender and sexuality interact with society on a daily basis, Jacki approaches every social issue with a firm belief in equity and equality. They approach issues with an intersectional, analytical scope in the hopes of finding a solution for a better society. Much of their energies are focused on bringing awareness to transgender and gender non-conforming issues, mental health, and body positivity.

In their adult life, they have worked in retail, food service, direct sales, administrative assistance, and customer service. For the past eight years, Jacki has also worked as an adult sexuality educator, where they developed administrative and public speaking skills. In their work, they have aided hundreds of people in understanding physical anatomy, societal pressures, and myths surrounding safe sexuality and pleasure.

They have a love for finding solutions to problems, big and small. They are always willing to reach out and make connections with others. Jacki is eager to laugh and share joy with others.