Ileana Gonzalez
Operations & Community Manager, Tech Bloc

Ileana Gonzalez was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco on January 24, 1994 to Oscar Gonzalez (born in Guadalajara, Jalisco) and Ileana Montes (born in Mexico City). Ileana Gonzalez spent most of her childhood years in Guadalajara until her father became a bilingual education teacher in Houston, Texas when she was 14 years old. As a young adult, Gonzalez struggled with getting acclimated to her new American life, however it did not stop her from getting heavily involved in extracurriculars during her high school years.

Following high school, Gonzalez moved to San Antonio, Texas in 2012 to attend the University of Texas at San Antonio. Her sophomore year, Gonzalez became a key role in the University's athletic department by becoming the second ever "Rowdy's Wrangler", who handles the University's mascot at every sporting event. In 2014, Gonzalez was elected Ms. UTSA, a position earned by students whom embody the spirit of UTSA while striving for the highest levels of academic achievement, campus involvement, and community service. By the end of her junior year, Gonzalez was also elected Student Body President making her the only female to hold both positions of Ms. UTSA and Student Body President in UTSA's history. She got herself elected by convincing students that she would protect their best interests at heart. Gonzalez, during her term as President, assisted UT system with a detailed plan on the newly passed bill of open carry campuses, along with the increase of tuition and fees; she held open forums for students to voice their concerns over both topics giving students a unique opportunity to speak up.

While being President, Gonzalez led a coalition of student leaders from local colleges and universities to become recognized by the city as an official city commission board. The board would make San Antonio the first city to have a city commission board mainly composed of students with the purpose of closing the gap between students and city council. Also during her presidency, Gonzalez was appointed, by then Councilman Nirenberg, into the city's ethics review board making her the youngest-ever board appointee at 21 years old. She served in the board for a year. Gonzalez graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship after having won UTSA's 100K CITE Pitch Competition and founded her own company, InfraVein LLC.

Gonzalez continued her career as a Project Specialist at UTSA, where she assisted the Vice Provost for International Initiatives in coordinating projects for the UTSA Latin American Initiative. She was in charge of strengthening ties with Mexico and its institutions, to increase the numbers of students who will be supported and establish a cooperative master's and Ph.D. research programs. Gonzalez interacted with University leadership and departments, special groups, and external agencies to collect information, analyze content and develop materials to communicate/market programs in English and Spanish. In 2016, Gonzalez also assisted Ron Nirenberg in his 2017 Mayoral Campaign as Community Outreach Director where she created a fellowship to increase civic engagement in millennials.

In 2017, Gonzalez got hired as Communications Coordinator at the National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders, a local non-profit whose mission is to build assets for Latino families, communities and organizations throughout the country. Ileana developed the organization's brand, social media presence, implemented processes that continue to be mirrored throughout the organization, and graphically designed all marketing materials. As a result of her work at NALCAB, Gonzalez connected with San Francisco based non-profit, Centro Community Partners, whose mission is to build thriving communities by providing underserved, low-income entrepreneurs with entrepreneurship education, one-on-one business advising, mentorship, and access to capital. Gonzalez currently consults as the organization's marketing expert.

In 2019, Gonzalez transitioned into Tech Bloc as Operations and Community Manager. Gonzalez handles the day-to-day duties, along with connecting with community leaders and Tech Bloc members to continue the activation of the tech industry throughout San Antonio.