Ian Graves
He/ Him/His
Software Engineer, Polco

Ian Graves is a Software Engineer currently working at Polco, a civic engagement platform dedicated to tightening the feedback loop between constituents and representatives. He attended Rochester Institute of Technology where he earned a Bachelor's of Science in Software Engineering with a concentration in Interactive Entertainment. Upon graduation, Ian was inducted into the Order of the Engineer, a United States association for engineers that emphasizes pride and responsibility in the engineering profession.

Ian seeks to honor the spirit of the Obligation of the Engineer by working primarily at local startups, where he advocates for user-centric practices regarding the handling, security and privacy of customer data. While working closely with social media platforms at Shoutlet, he gained eye-opening experiences in terms of user data-privacy and the vast amount of information that tech giants collect. Ian's work with startups has exposed him to many different industries, including social media content management, grocery, e-commerce, facility management and, most recently, civic engagement. Ian sees this opportunity with New Leaders Council as the ideal next step in offering up his technical expertise for the public good.

Outside of work, Ian is frequently found attending concerts, street fairs and festivals, community events, hunting down new food carts to try, and occasionally walking his Savannah cat, Babou (when weather permits). His newest hobbies are longboarding and flight simulation, and his all-time favorite plane is the Supermarine Spitfire.