Herbert Smith
DFWULYP, Marketing Consultant

Herbert Smith is a native son of Philadelphia, Pa. He has lived in various U.S. destinations before ultimately landing in Dallas, TX. Mr. Smith is a marketing professional with 8 years experience that had the pleasure of cultivating his skills at the illustrious Hampton University.Thus far in his career, he has had the pleasure of working with such acclaimed brands as AT&T, The Gaylord, and Yamaha, including leading teams in executing national campaigns.

Herbert has served in leadership in various roles in the nonprofit sector since 2011, and currently serves as President of the Dallas- Ft. Worth Urban League Young Professionals. He also has the pleasure of being a REAL(Racial Equity Assembly of Leaders) City Fellow through the United Way and Social Venture Partners, a graduate of the National Urban League's Emerging Leaders program, and a Board-member of the Black Academy of Arts and Letters in Dallas. Herbert is constantly looking for ways to continue making an impact in the community and doing the work he feels called to, and is optimistic about the future of our communities.