Griffin Winkworth
He/ Him/His
Political Organizer, Elizabeth Warren Presidential Exploratory Committee

Griffin Winkworth was born in New Haven, Connecticut and moved to the northern suburb of Houston known as Conroe when he was five years old. He attended and graduated from Willis High School in 2009 and was heavily involved in the music program where he played bass trombone. He is currently working toward a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Music at Sam Houston State University.

Winkworth first became involved in progressive politics in 2010 through various online organizing efforts in the secular movement. In 2011 he decided to get involved in local politics and volunteered with the Montgomery County Democratic Party. He quickly fell into the work with the Democratic Party, and spent the next eight years working in various organizing capacities to build the democratic presence in Montgomery County. He has held various organizational leadership positions including Convention Delegate, Precinct Chair and Executive Committee Secretary. He also spent a short time serving in a leadership role with the National Organization for Women (NOW) in Montgomery County. In 2016 he was elected to the State Democratic Executive Committee from Senate District 4 where he is currently serving his second term.

His work on the SDEC has involved serving on the Finance and Campaign Committees. He has been involved in efforts to craft policies within the Texas Democratic Party to create a safe space within democratic activities and to better address harassment and inappropriate behaviors as they occur. He is a strong proponent of paying interns and played a role in pushing the Texas Democratic Party to pay its interns $15 an hour.