Gregory Lee
Accenture Managing Consultant

As a native of Columbus, Ohio, Greg is passionate about contributing to the equitable growth and sustainability of his hometown. Throughout the last 18 years, he has been a high school wrestling coach, community volunteer, and mentor with a strong sense of civic responsibility. He believes deeply in the importance of knowledge-sharing as a means to elevate people’s understanding and awareness of the critical issues and opportunities in Columbus.

He works at Accenture, creating value for clients through strategic business model design, operational analysis, and solution implementation.

In addition to a strong interest in health and wellness, he continues to serve in the Air Force Reserve as an aircraft maintainer, Squadron Career Advisor, and a suicide & sexual assault prevention instructor. Greg is also a Trustee in his neighborhood civic association, a volunteer at KIPP Columbus with Skills-To-Succeed, and a Restorative Justice Circle Member.