Grayson Lanza
He/ Him/His

Grayson Lanza is a native Floridian and twice graduate of the University of Central Florida where he studied political science and did research on minority communities and their relations to governments across the world. Raised in southwest Florida, he now resides in Orlando where he has been involved with work in local activism and progressive political organizing across the state. His first experiences with formal organizing came with volunteering for a local union advocate group in Orlando. Grayson considers himself an organizer and has worn many different hats in his varying roles with organizations and campaigns in the state, ranging from proper field organizing to implementing new digital organizing tactics.

Grayson's interest in organizing work stems from his experiences as a Floridian. His focus in organizing has been first and foremost in working to help communities to gain the knowledge and skills to improve their situations. A progressive future requires not only a progressive vision, but also the ability for people to build toward this vision. For Grayson, New Leaders Council presents an opportunity to grow and refine his skills to be able to contribute to local, statewide, and national movements for progress and continue to be in the service of others.