Gillian Cromwell
Sustainability Consultant | Candidate for MPA, Hillside Solutions | University of Nebraska at Omaha

Gillian Cromwell was born in California but relocated to Eastern Nebraska at a young age, engendering a unique perspective that blends coastal progressivism with midwestern common sense. She has employed this mindset to further her most passionate pursuits, sustainable development and environmental justice to create a more inclusive and climate-resilient future.

After graduating high school in the top of her class, she was honored with the prestigious Walter Scott Jr. and Regent's Scholarships to attend the University of Nebraska at Omaha. While there, she was awarded an INBRE Fellowship and was fortunate enough to be able to study HIV proteomics and antibiotic resistance monitoring in rural Nebraska with world-class researchers. Acting as president of the Environmental Club at UNO and volunteering intensively for the 2008 Obama Presidential Campaign, her education was supplemented by various extracurricular activities. After garnering the most donations for the Whole Planet Foundation, a microcredit lending agency, of any Whole Foods Market employee company-wide, she was granted the opportunity to travel to India to observe the impact of microloans on the local community and was deeply moved by the experience.

Currently, Gillian is nearing completion of a Master in Public Administration at UNO and working for Hillside Solutions, a zero-waste hauling organization bringing accessible composting and high-level recycling services to Omaha. She serves on the board of Green Bellevue, a grassroots environmental group, and enjoys volunteering with Produce From the Heart, a local nonprofit tackling the joint problems of food security and food waste in the agricultural heartland. In her spare time, she loves reading, cooking, and traveling with her partner, Carlos.