Gianna Cifredo
Self, Freelance Writer

Gianna Cifredo is a freelance writer specializing in education and health. She currently writes for CollegeVine as a Senior Digital Content Writer, and her work has appeared on popular websites such as Tiny Buddha, Student Caring, and PsychCentral. She served as an AmeriCorps VISTA, and she has six years of experience in higher education. With her college admissions experience and knowledge of the SAT and ACT, she took a position as a program coordinator to guide low-income high school students through the college admissions process. She worked one-on-one with students in grades nine through twelve, provided resources for the students and their families, developed workshops and partnerships and oversaw the student recruitment effort, where she first tripled and then doubled the number of students that the program worked with each year.

Gianna’s experiences in higher education showed her firsthand the disparity of information that students receive about college based on their income and fuels her desire to share that information with students regardless of income. She believes that schools are a microcosm of the communities they exist in, and that trying to “fix schools” without also addressing racial and economic inequality will not result in the hoped-for beneficial outcomes. She majored in Philosophy and takes great pride in knowing what the difference between a valid argument and an invalid argument is.