Georgette Cartagena
Source1 Purchasing, Human Resources Generalist

Georgette graduated from the Florida State University in August 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Social Science with an emphasis on Public Service. Throughout her college career, Georgette held several leadership positions with Leaders Empowering Others in Need of Education and Service (L.E.O.N.E.S.) and the Hispanic/Latino Student Union (HLSU). She mentored students from K-12 in the English as a Second Language program to keep them from falling behind and act as their support system.

Georgette’s progression with the Hispanic/Latino Student Union prepared her for a role in Human Resources. Tasked with student-run events and the development of board members, she focused on policy, procedure and activation of plans for success. Upon seeing a lack of financial resources available to Hispanic/Latinx students, she started the Sí Se Puede Book Stipend as an alumna of Florida State University. In November 2018, the first one was awarded.
Applying her passion for the development of others led her to journey into human resources with Source1 Purchasing, where she has been for two years. As a Human Resources Generalist, Georgette is responsible for conducting recruitment for open positions, onboarding new hires, managing strategic activities for employee engagement and retention. Georgette is most excited to bring the skills and experiences from the NLC into her corporate work and community.