Genevieve Cox
Research Program Manager, Montana State University

The top three most important things for Genevieve include: mitigating inequality and working for social justice, filling the world with art and creativity, and spending as much time in the wilderness as possible. As a sociologist and researcher at Montana State University, Genevieve spends her time managing a sexual and reproductive health intervention on an Indian Reservation in Montana, writing budgets for new research projects, or teaching urban sociology and human sexuality. She is a Registered Maine Guide (i.e. LOVES canoeing), a former board member of the national organization "Speak About It"—an organization dedicated to consent and sexual assault prevention, is a former champion of the dance competition "Hands Clap Dance Off," has a Ph.D. in Sociology, and is dog-mom to a dog named Opal who is almost more dog than Genevieve can handle. Much to the chagrin of her adviser, she wrote her dissertation on Burning Man, but now works on projects related to health interventions with Indigenous communities, Indigenous communities in the age of the Anthropocene, and historical trauma. When not writing, managing research, or teaching, Genevieve can be found somewhere in the woods of Montana, Utah, Maine, Oregon, or Washington doing stuff like using her feet, hands, and body to climb, hike, ski, or paddle.