Gaylena Howell
ITSM Process Manager for Incident and Problem, University of Southern California

Growing up in a musically-inclined family, Gaylena Howell is no stranger to the music industry. Her father was a guitarist as well as the lead singer of a band so she had always had music deep down in her heart. It was not until she became bored with reading the Ones and Zeros in the world of MIT while attending Capitol College that she decided to do something about her love for music. With a knack for management and love for music, she started to do research to determine how she could have the best of both worlds. While researching she stumbled upon the requirements of a publicist and what they did on daily basis. It was at that moment something quickened within her and she knew that this is something that she had to work towards becoming.

Upon finding out what it takes to be a publicist, it was strongly urged to major in Communication or Journalism. She saw communications as a chance to not only to help her towards her goal but something that she could put to use in her current position. With writing influences such as well known Journalist Jawn Murray of and mentor Anje Collins - a celebrity publicist - of One Brand Agency, Gaylena is making strides in the right direction towards becoming a publicist, and hopes to make a name for herself just as those she looks up to.