Gaby Scott
Candidate for MPA , Florida State University

Ana (Gaby) Scott is a graduate student in the Askew School of Public Administration at Florida State University. She is a candidate for a Master of Public Administration degree with an emphasis on NPO and NGO Management. Gaby is a tenacious individual who is passionate about creative solutions to systemic problems and social innovation. In her preparation to be an agent of positive impact, she has focused her academic research on the effects of access to holistic reproductive health education (particularly in areas of South East Asia), has studied and worked on social impact efforts in Indonesia, and has fostered capacity-building efforts via networks of impact in the Big Bend area.

As a Venezuelan-American, Gaby is passionate about the rights of immigrants and previously interned at the International Rescue Committee, where she helped resettled Congolese and Syrian refugee families. Building upon her undergraduate degree in International Affairs, she has also interned for a social enterprise, where she worked to empower indigenous Guatemalan artisans by connecting them to Western markets that practice fair trade principles. Beyond academics, Gaby remains involved in various service organizations both on campus and in the community by taking on various leadership positions. She aspires to a career in a capacity-building role for women's empowerment organizations abroad after graduation.