Gabrielle Tavares

Gabrielle Tavares was born in South Providence. She attended Salem College, a women's college in Winston-Salem, NC, before re-rooting in Providence where she graduated magna cum laude from the University of Rhode Island. She is a proud first-generation college graduate with a B.S. in Sociology and a B.A. in Africana Studies. Gabrielle is a gracious Onyx Honor Society recipient.

At 22, Gabrielle has a physical aversion to wasting time. She is never worried about not having enough inspiration, but rather if this lifetime will be enough to execute it all. Gabrielle's commitment to social issues began at 13, where her observation of food deserts in Providence morphed into a four-year volunteer stint with Healthy Foods, Healthy Families - a program that rectifies the lack of access to fresh produce in communities. More so, Gabrielle refined her leadership skills at New Urban Arts (NUA), an after-school arts program that emphasizes youth voice and self-directed learning. In college, Gabrielle served as a member of Black Americans Demonstrating Unity and as VP of her Rotaract Chapter. She has traveled abroad to the Dominican Republic to learn about sustainable social activism and took part in political canvassing efforts to mitigate voter suppression. She has been a keynote speaker at NUA, where she provided commentary on the inequitable access to art across racial and social lines and its impact on civic engagement.

As a paralegal in veteran litigation, Gabrielle assists attorneys in garnering wins for veteran disability benefits due to incurred service-connected disabilities. Gabrielle's interest in veteran's law is both personal and professional. As a child of a veteran, she understands firsthand how the flaws within the VA system manifests itself.

Gabrielle has always been very attracted to reason and research. Her body of work assesses how policy impacts community health. As an educator of color, Gabrielle believes in leveraging her unique perspectives to fight for the cultivation of reciprocal partnerships between policy makers and the residents in which they impact.

Gabrielle is an avid fan of road trips, spicy noodles of all sizes, and is a self-proclaimed boba aficionado. She can be found inhabiting the bookstore RiffRaff, practicing yoga, and curating her own podcast, all while studying for entry into graduate school. In a world where we are constantly made to fit in and assimilate, Gabrielle seeks to be a motivating and relatable example for women.