Flannery Pendergast
Account Executive, BVK

Flannery Pendergast's greatest strength has always been her empathy. Even as a child, her compassion and love for others was obvious. Attending a parochial school, she was a strong voice for persistently challenging the notion others were "sinners" just for leading a different life. In fact, she wrote her college admissions essay on the need for diversity and inclusion in one's life.

College (UW-Madison) was where Flannery got to experience an array of extended cultures, beyond the Milwaukee art community where she was reared as a child.

Although she may not have found her true calling yet, it hasn't been for lack of effort. She knows she wants to help the community, but hasn't decided how best to do that. Previously, Flannery has participated in different communities, such as Queer Emerging Leaders, Indian Student Association, and the Wisconsin Black Student Union, to learn about their experiences and amplify their voices speaking for inclusion. She has interviewed children about how they view minorities in the media and applied those learnings to current advertising campaigns. Flannery has volunteered for the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort (WAVE), dedicating bartending services for ALS/MS fundraisers and coordinating blood drives. She has collected and raised donations for non-profits and rescues like Guest House of Milwaukee, United Way, MADACC and JR Pups N Stuff. Mostly, she serves by making sure she's leading by example for her nieces and nephew, by trying to leave the Earth in a better place than found.

She believes empathy, compassion, love, and persistence will always make a difference, no matter how small it may seem.