Ethan Wampler
Engineer and Environmental Advocate
Ethan grew up going on camping and hiking trips with his family to National Parks around the country. He always had cats at home and loves wildlife. All of this instilled a strong love of nature and desire to protect all living creatures from a young age. He's now both an engineer and an environmental activist. He pushes himself to gain the skills needed to have a wide-ranging influence on climate change, because he wants to do everything possible to protect the planet for future generations and to protect life on earth.
Ethan’s greatest passion lies in implementing global solutions to climate change and creating the largest impact to avert the climate crisis we’re facing. Of the many important solutions, he’s especially interested in achieving 100% renewable energy as quickly as possible. In moving towards this goal, he just started a position at Rocky Mountain Institute, serving as a Special Aide to its founder, Amory Lovins, named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time. Ethan’s thrilled to have him as a mentor and to be working on cutting-edge, international solutions to climate change, using both his technical and people skills. 
Ethan earned both a Master’s and a Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Michigan. He’s worked as an engineer for years and then expanded his skills through a year of grassroots environmental organizing around the country. He is fluent in German and knows beginner Mandarin Chinese. His passion to experience other cultures has led him to over 10 countries and he’s excited to travel to even more in his current role. Ethan has a passion for bridging cultures, building relationships, bringing people together, and collaborating. Some of his strengths include deep technical skills, project management, strategic thinking, and an ability to break down complex technical information in ways that are easily understandable by everyone.