Erik Croswell
He/ Him/His
Owner, Bridge City Media

Erik Croswell believes that business can be a force for good and has a mission is to bring a stronger voice to socially and environmentally conscious companies through video storytelling and digital marketing.

He grew up in Portland and would frequently get involved in clubs and volunteer organizations that centered around environmentalism. He had a passion for storytelling from a young age and would frequently create short films with his friends. He attended Portland State University for a degree in Marketing and then spent a couple of years traveling across a few countries before working as a Marketing Coordinator with Uber.

He started his company, Bridge City Media in 2016 and was able to switch over to it being his full time job in 2018. The company has since produced hundreds of videos for dozens of Portland-based companies, most of which advocate for socially conscious movements. He has been involved in a number of local, progressive organizations and hosts a small business community called Bridge City Entrepreneurs, which is a space for entrepreneurs to hear from successful local CEOs on best practices for business strategies.

He intends to make an impact through community advocacy and thoughtful storytelling.