Ericka Ledferd
CEO, Ledferd PR

Ericka Ledferd is passionate about public service. At the age of 17, Ericka immigrated to the United States from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She feels called upon to build and uphold our country's best values.

In 2003, she received her BS in Political Science with a Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas A&M University-Commerce. After graduation, she worked for TRIO Programs at Southern Methodist University, and later for the Foreign Language Program at Texas A&M University-Commerce, during which time she continued her studies and obtained her MA in Spanish Literature in 2006.

Ericka Ledferd has a lovely family, and her husband David, along with their three children are some of her greatest supporters. She believes in civility and courtesy and she assures you that those beliefs are not a sign of weakness. A former educator whose legacy leaves an amount of good work because she sees herself not only as of the product of the American ideals, and its education opportunities but rather as a valued participant in a lively learning community that changed her family's path. Now she's a CEO trying to do the same for others.