Erica Woods
Berea College, Administrative Assistant

Erica is a native of Huntsville, AL. She embarked on her journey to Kentucky by way of Berea College from which she earned her Bachelors of Arts in African and African American Studies. During her tenure at Berea, Erica was a highly involved student which led her to become passionate about serving and working within the community. However, her service began way before her matriculation to Berea. She worked with Wings of Faith Foundation (formerly She’s All That) as an intern and mentor in her senior year of high school. The Foundation, founded by her mentor Tara Furlough, encourages young women in the community towards reaching their full potential through gaining applicable life skills, experiencing hands-on work/service opportunities, and earning scholarship funds towards higher education.

As Erica continued to pursue opportunities at Berea, she followed this very passion of mentorship and service. Erica volunteered with the Hispanic Outreach Project utilizing her Spanish-speaking skills to connect, mentor, and teach in the community. She was also a member of the Black Student Union and the Latin American Student Association that led and engaged in impactful charges, such as rallying for social justice issues impacting communities of color, cultural understanding, and bridging gaps amongst diverse communities. Previously, Erica worked in the Office of Admissions for her alma mater, which solidified her career goals to be involved in higher education. Erica currently works as an Administrative Assistant for Berea’s Office of Strategic Initiatives, dedicated to grant management for several externally funded programs, and the Liberal Arts Diversity Officers Consortium, a national consortium dedicated to promoting best practices and strategies for areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education. She also is serving her second year as an Assistant Track and Field Coach as an event specialist for hurdles and jumps. Erica aspires to continue work with social and community engagement.