Emily Portwood
Staff Scientist and Brownfield Consultant, Timmons Group

Emily Portwood is an emerging professional who aspires to utilize her diverse experience as an environmental consultant to assist communities and represent their interests by providing regulatory guidance and recommending appropriate measures that promote the cleaning-up and repurposing of environmentally-impaired - or outright - compromised properties across Virginia. Emily endeavors to use the scientific method in her approach of demonstrating to local communities how to address the economic, public health, and social issues associated with environmental blight. By garnering and applying federal and state Brownfield funding, she wants to facilitate successful revitalization by focusing on community involvement and collaboration between stakeholders and community members. She promotes socially-responsible economic development while preventing the displacement of individuals who currently live in those neighborhoods.

Emily is a graduate of Virginia Tech and is currently in Richmond working toward her Professional Geologist licensure. Some of her favorite things are relaxing on the beautiful James River, solving crossword puzzles, and feeding people she loves.