Emily Gray
Brodie Animal Hospital, Veterinary Technician

Emily Gray is dedicated to service, a value instilled in her from a young age by her mother. She engages with her community in diverse ways, from building bicycles for those in need through the Yellow Bike Project to nursing injured bats with the Austin Bat Rescue - the common thread being that she surrounds herself with people she can learn from.

Emily discovered her penchant for eliminating barriers to healthcare while witnessing firsthand the 2013 Wendy Davis filibuster of the Texas abortion bill SB 5 and the impassioned response of those around her. Since that experience she has organized around a variety of issues, including reproductive justice, prison reform, harm reduction, and access to healthcare for stigmatized groups. Emily is adamant that everyone - from transgender patients to drug users to sex workers to pregnant teens - must be believed, validated, and compassionately introduced to the full range of healthcare options. Her activism is centered on the belief that community engagement and education for patients, doctors, and policy makers can best address the fundamental need for education-based reform in the healthcare system. She also believes that positive change should be driven by - and resources should be turned over to - those who are most vulnerable to structural harm.

Born and raised in the Maryland suburbs outside Washington, D.C., Emily moved to Texas in 2008 after earning a Bachelor of Science degree in entomology and wildlife conservation from the University of Delaware. She currently lives in East Austin and works as both a Veterinary Technician and Van Coordinator for a local harm reduction-based outreach team. She is associated with a number of groups including the National Organization for Women, the Austin Harm Reduction Coalition, and the Free Rodney Reed campaign. Outside of her activism, Emily enjoys cycling, powerlifting, crafting, and spending time with her cat.