Elton Louis
Keller Williams Coastal Partners and Palm Beach Islands, Real Estate Sales Associate

Elton Louis is a Haitian gentleman that was raised in Palm Beach County, Florida. He was born in Kings County Hospital of Brooklyn, NY within a family of four. He is a FAU Alumni that earned his ESOL endorsed Bachelor's Degree in Education. Since his middle school days, he’s had a dream of facilitating social-awareness and involvement within his city. This dream was well-nurtured through involvement in community organizations and student organizations in college. His leadership roles in these organizations created avenues to meet figures around the state of Florida who accomplished building organizations that powerfully impact their communities. Once an Inter-Club Council Chairman at Palm Beach State College, he gauged the idea of nurturing initiative in the people surrounding him. He recently resigned from his years in education for a committed pursuit towards powerfully impacting the many communities of Palm Beach County. He has a goal to develop a community center that creates/recreates strong connections of local neighborhoods, non-profit organizations, and government departments. He believes that there are many ways to enroll people of the many Palm Beach County communities into the idea of being involved with their local government. Bridges can be built to use these ways to empower the community and the various officials dedicated to the community. He is currently pursuing ways to build these bridges through sparking grit and social innovation.