Elisabeth Brewington
Operations Coordinator, CIEE

A native of Portland, Maine, Elisabeth Brewington graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Hope College in Michigan. Her career has mainly centered around healthcare administration and management across a variety of settings. She greatly values her experiences while living abroad several times and has visited about thirty countries. With this background, she has consistently sought after creating and nurturing a diverse mindset and global perspective for herself and others. Her educational and professional experiences alike have highlighted her interests in building connections, developing ideas, and maximizing shared outcomes. Elisabeth currently works as an Operations Coordinator at CIEE in Portland, where she now lives. Additionally, she is pursuing a Master's of Healthcare Administration from Saint Joseph's College. In her free time, she enjoys traveling as much as possible, photography, hiking anywhere in New England, and making the most of Portland's food scene! Looking ahead, she seeks to further develop her career in healthcare administration and management within the context of international policy.