Dr. Royce Sullivan
Abbi Malish - Touch of Class, Healthcare Companion

Dr. Royce Sullivan, who the community calls DrSully, is know for his persistence for finding clear questions in order to give a sound response or answer. He states he is a millennial transformer a game-changer. He stands guard of his community and city as a Watchman on the wall a Builder of the Breach and an Ambassador of Reconciliation . DrSully’s desire to be apart of NLC solidified itself on he read NLC’s summary he quoted “the program answers why I exist. The phrase that weighed heavily in my being; moreover felt more like a God thing to me is, “The New Leaders Council(NLC) is the hub for progressive Millennial thought leadership.”

Dr. Royce Sullivan grew  up on the Eastside of San Antonio, graduating top of my class at Sam Houston High School then, earning an undergraduate degree in Special Education at Howard University. After achieving these milestones DrSully realized he was not yet prepared for life educationally, socially, politically, and in many areas emotionally work and or life that had already come.

Royce Sullivan has began, established, and worked in man non-profits over the years. He says He likes to shake the tree a little. He like to be the voice of a people who have been silenced be also restoring their voice training them to speak out and stand and not be there crutch but there support.

Dr Royce D Sullivan believes wholeheartedly that the NLC is the network for positive progressive inclusionary change.

As the all American middle linebacker Sullivan once was he states he is ready to tackle the issues starting with himself. Sullivan is looking forward to the training institute, saying that he’s ready to be chiseled down to the best him that he can be accurately being launched out to a thinking hub for community change locally and nationally.  DrSully quotes “If I don’t make Sense it's time to make CHANGE!”