Devin Bryant-Bosshold
Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Inc., Substance Abuse Counselor

Devin Bryant-Bosshold moved to Boston in 2012 to get his Masters in Mental Health Counseling, with a Trauma Studies Specialization from Lesley University.  He is currently a Substance Abuse Counselor at Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Inc., where he counsels homeless adolescents during a period of traumatic instability in their lives. He helps them to find housing and build a life worth living.  Devin also works per diem as a co-leader at Emerge DV, where he educates domestic abusers on healthy relationships.

Devin has a background in canvassing, phone banking, and event-planning for social-justice and environmental causes. He ran Activist Afternoons in 2017, where he planned weekly phone banks. He canvassed for Bernie Sanders in 2016 and the recently elected Nika Elugardo in 2018. He enjoys volunteering for progressive groups like Our Revolution, ACLU, Public Citizen, Environment MA, and Corporate accountability as a part-time organizer.  

Devin grew up in poverty, and that instilled in him a sense of moral urgency for improving the world from a young age. His favorite hobby is jiu-jitsu, and he carries his fighting energy into what he knows will be a lifelong battle for a socially-just, environmentally sustainable future.  He will take that exuberance into local office in the coming years.