Devan Cheaves
Training Director - Florida, Warren for President 2020

Devan Cheaves is a creative and emergent state director with over ten years of experience in public policy, community and labor organizing, and political campaigns. She is a second generation Floridian hailing from rural Manatee County, FL and the descendent of sharecroppers and domestic workers who migrated from Georgia and North Florida in the 1920s and 30s. From an early age, she learned the importance of investing in community and civic engagement through the leadership of her elders. Using this as a launching point, Devan remains committed to growing radical politics and transformative justice for the sake of all Floridians and especially those on and within the margins. She is a proud member of organizations like Dream Defenders (her political home for over five years), Southern Movement Assembly, Organize Florida, and the Florida Immigrant Coalition. These organizations shift dominant culture and society towards interdependence, people over profits, authentic democracy, and radical equity and inclusion. Her ideology for organizing and healing justice is the firm belief that every being has the right to be the best versions of themselves— free from all forms of oppression, with full agency and autonomy over their own bodies, and protection from institutions that systemically seek to dehumanize and strip individuals and the collective of their power. Devan currently serves as the Florida State Training Director for the Elizabeth Warren for President campaign, where she gets to focus on staff and volunteer development through training and coaching, and invest in building a strong long-term infrastructure for progressive organizing through the primaries and beyond. Prior to joining Team Warren, she worked with the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida (ACLU of Florida) since July 2017 and led regional efforts to pass the historic Amendment 4 ballot initiative, shift Florida towards meaningful criminal justice reform through legislative advocacy and grassroots organizing, and advocate for immigrants' rights and welcoming cities. In addition to being an organizer, Devan also develops leaders in the community and facilitates political and popular education curriculums with the above-mentioned organizations for the sake of transforming the state of Florida and ultimately the country. Aside from the political work, she practices generative somatics and teaches politicized yoga (RYT-200) with an emphasis on social justice, inspired by revolutionary activist Linda Burnham and Black women of the Be Dope Do Yoga collective in Tampa, FL.