Denzel Coleman
He/Him and They/Them
Grove Guide, Grove Collaborative

Denzel is very excited to be a part of the NLC family. A Cleveland, Ohio native transplanted to Maine, Denzel places emphasis on making meaningful connections, aiding others, personal growth development, and embracing his Portland home.

Denzel is an active resident in Portland Maine, where he serves on the local Pride Portland committee as well as performs alongside the Maine’s Gay Men Chorus. During his time working for an international education non-profit, Denzel has held various educative sessions focused on boosting intercultural competency and team building. He is impassioned to continue creating avenues that explore principles of intersectionality and restorative justice through facilitating panels and community dialogues.

In his free time, Denzel enjoys making curated playlists, styling outfits for his friends, as well as traveling around the world with his partner and friends.