Dejan Tomanić
Development Officer, FENIX Consulting Group

Dejan Tomanić currently works in a multifaceted role for Samsung America, where he acts as Brand Ambassador, Operations and Strategic Communications Coordinator, as well as Trainer for third-party vendors and partners. He also serves as a Development Officer for FENIX Consulting Group, specializing in non-profit development. Dejan has a demonstrated track record of bridging divides and aligning goals between Public, Private, and non-profit sectors. He has gained extensive policy, research, and fundraising experience while working with impactful organizations like the Atlantic Council, International Lifeline Fund, and Muhammad Ali Center, among others. He has also undertaken leadership roles within the Kentucky Democratic Party, where he serves as Kentucky’s 3rd Congressional District Regional Director for the Kentucky Young Democrats, as well as VP of Finance for the Louisville Young Democrats. He is a product of Indiana University Southeast’s Political Science department, as well as American University’s School of International Service, where he earned a Master of Arts in International Affairs focusing on Human Security. His passions led him to center his efforts on food security, water access, sanitation, and health. When not in the office, you can find him engaged in travel wanderlust, at the nearest tennis court, or searching off the beaten path for the next great hike.