David O'Keeffe
He/ Him/His
Environmental and Community Organizer

David O'Keeffe is a community organizer dedicated to building a world centered on social and environmental justice. David graduated in December, 2019 from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a BBA in International Business, Management, and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship.

David's primary focus is the effect that multinational corporations, capitalism, and special interests play in climate change, perpetuating social injustices, and the dismantling of our democracy. At only 23, David's talent and passion lies in organizing, inspiring, and harnessing people power to advocate for institutional and structural change.

David served as the President of the Wisconsin Hoofers, the UW Madison Outdoors Club, with 2,000 member and $1+ million budget. As president, he co-founded Hoofer Ambassadors, a social justice program dedicated to equal access to the outdoors. In its founding semester Hoofer Ambassadors won the 2019 Campus Multicultural Award for "Excellence in Social Justice."

In David's final semester, he founded the Social and Environmental Business Advocates (SEBA), whose mission is to "engage the Wisconsin School of Business community in developing a future of business centered on social and environmental justice." SEBA is a coalition of students and 15+ student organizations advocating for changes to the business school curriculum and culture that address climate change, social injustices, and the triple bottom line. SEBA's initial successes included a petition with over 1,000 signatures, an op-ed in the school newspaper, and building a dedicated base of activists.

Aside from social change, David has had the privilege to pursue a passion of traveling including hitchhiking through the Balkans, working on a hemp farm in Lithuania, and volunteering at the Rio 2016 Olympics. He enjoys soccer, trips to the farmers market, canoeing in the boundary waters, and all things outdoors.