Daniela Carolina Velez
Office Manager / Sales Associate, Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce / LUSH

Daniela C. Velez, a Venezuela native, undocumented, non-binary, feminist, and the Founder and Vice President of Marketing and Development of Innovated Lab Designs Inc., an all-female STEM company that begun in September 2016. Innovated Lab Designs developed the Newton's Bench Kit which allows students to take online physics lab course at Rowan College of Burlington County and the Galileo's Kit which allows students to take astronomy courses online also with Rowan College at Burlington County.

Ms. Velez is currently working with the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, as an office manager connecting statewide Hispanic businesses in the state of New Jersey. She assists with different functions of the chamber as well as helps to develop strong relationships with different business and other community sources to help the Chamber expand and develop the reach. In addition she is currently working as the Director of undocuJersey, which is an organization created to provide educational resources to undocumented and documented students with undocumented parents yearning to pursue higher education. As Director she works with the rest of her team to create partnerships with high schools, school districts, institutions of higher education, and other New Jersey based organizations. They have hosted numerous college fairs, professional development workshops, and either facilitated or presented at conferences. In the first year of undocuJersey's formal existence, they have touched over 1,500 students, educators, and administrators in the state of New Jersey. As they move forward, this organization will continue to be the best support system to mixed status and undocumented students. Ms. Velez has been involved in New Jersey Immigrant Rights movement since 2011 and has been part of different panels and events regarding the work of social justice for the immigrant community. Prior to that she worked for New Jersey Business and Industry Association in the membership department, working with New Jersey businesses to help them learn and get exposure to all the benefits as well as the lobbying that NJBIA has to offer.

Ms. Velez was also involved in the outreach of college readiness program for the Burlington County region and homeless prevention program as well, with a non-profit organization called Servicios Latinos of Burlington County.

In 2016, Ms. Velez earned two associate degrees from Rowan College at Burlington County, one in Engineering and one in Business Administration. Ms. Velez is currently finishing up her bachelor's as a student of the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy majoring in Public Policy and a minor in Women and Gender Studies both from Rutgers University New Brunswick.