Daniel Pontoh
He/ Him/His
Consultant, Self-employed

Daniel Pontoh has helped lead and support campaigns & projects in NH for climate justice, immigrant rights, zero-waste, LGBTQ rights, racial justice, and other civil rights and liberties for the past 5 years since he first started in organizing. Daniel first moved to the US in 2001 with his family and grew up moving between Rochester and Somersworth. As someone who grew up in mainly poor communities and immigrant communities, political issues have always directly impacted Daniel and his communities. It wasn't until 2015 during the presidential primary that Daniel first learned how to harness his own power and find his voice within politics by learning how to organize.

In 2016 as a lead organizer at the University of New Hampshire, NH's largest university, with NextGen Climate he lead the teams of student organizers and their allies in getting UNH to vote which helped contribute to the 77% voter turnout for the campus. Heading into 2017 under the new presidency, he worked a patchwork of odd jobs to support his work as an unpaid volunteer organizer leading campaigns like 350 NH's Offshore Wind Energy Campaign, a community effort to fight for local sanctuary ordinances in the Seacoast, and using direction action to agitate a conversation about cultural appropriation at on college campuses.

In the Fall of 2017 he joined the ACLU of New Hampshire as a Community Organizer to support the grassroots mobilization and impacted leadership development efforts of the Freedom NH campaign to pass statewide transgender non-discrimination protections which was passed in the summer of 2018. At the same time he was working with Freedom NH he was also organizing and presenting Know Your Rights: Immigration Enforcement events across the state. After the win of Freedom NH, Daniel continued with the ACLU of NH in creating and shaping their ACLU Voter 2018 Campaign that eventually evolved in the ACLU's Rights for All Campaign in New Hampshire. With the Rights for All Campaign in 2019, Daniel helped train more than a hundred activists in directly getting presidential candidates on the record, also known as bird dogging, and organized several dozen successful interactions with presidential candidates.

Daniel has moved on now to run his own consulting business where he advises groups on building leadership in their community, advocacy skills, and strategy. In his free time, Daniel enjoys playing video games, watching weird movies with his partner, traveling, and eating good food.