Danie Bendesky
Rebecca for Philadelphia, Political and Finance Director

Danie Bendesky is the Political and Finance Director for Rebecca for Philadelphia. In this position, she is solely responsible for all political activity and fundraising efforts for Rebecca Rhynhart, who is the first woman City Controller in Philadelphia’s history. Danie is driven by her desire to increase the number of women in office and the diversity of our elected officials.

Danie graduated from the University of Rochester in 2016 with a degree in Psychology. During her time at Rochester, she spent three years working in Psychology research labs in a variety of capacities. She still uses this scientific approach to inform her professional life and in her approach to problem-solving.

Danie loves all things Philadelphia and is a Truster of the Process. She considers herself a Restaurant Week connoisseur and is determined to sample every food-based happy hour within city limits.