Dani Ausen
Graphic Designer III, Iowa State University

Dani Ausen is a graphic designer, event organizer, small business entrepreneur and local artist and small business advocate. A native of Des Moines, Dani attended Iowa State University, where she received her BFA in Graphic Design. Dani began working at her alma mater shortly after graduation, and returned to Des Moines after several years experience in Ames.

In 2009, Dani was involved in the founding of Market Day Iowa, a project she ascended to director of in its third year. Market Day, now in its eleventh year, is a bi-annual pop-up marketplace in Des Moines. Market Day's mission is to connect local artists with each other, and also connect them to a community who will support them. Through Market Day, Dani advocates for awareness of the arts and the growth of local arts businesses.

In addition to running Market Day, Dani operates her own small arts business, Dani Awesome. She is also involved in the Iowa Democratic Party as a board member of the Northwest Des Moines Democrats. Dani hopes to expand and deepen her involvement in her community through the New Leaders Council, because artists are a crucial part of a vibrant society. Dani believes that by cultivating creative voices in our community, we cultivate a more progressive multi-gender and multi-racial constituency.