Dana Colussi-Lynde
CDW, Project Coordinator

Dana was born and raised in the progressive center of the Midwest in Madison, WI and is the daughter of former public employees. She is a proud feminist and political enthusiast/activist. She has volunteered at Planned Parenthood (as a direct result of the attack on public health during the Act 10 conflicts in Wisconsin in 2011) and helps support Courage MKE, a local shelter for homeless LGBTQ youth in Milwaukee.

Her path to the technology field began at 7 and she was an IT support engineer for 14 years, while veering toward leadership in recent years. She enjoys studying powerful women (especially those in IT) and incorporating the lessons she learns from them into her personal and professional life. Dana believes that through progressive leadership, she can encourage local business to join in community improvement.

Dana went to her first political rally as an infant and considers her letter about the event from then UW Chancellor, Donna Shalala, a prized artifact. Her attendance at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina was one of the highlights of her life, along with traveling to Washington DC in 2017 for the Women’s March. Dana often reacts to meeting politicians as most would react to meeting their favorite rock stars.