Courtney Bromfield
He/ Him/His
Co-manager, Quantum Courier

Courtney Bromfield is the first born son of Stephanie and Wayne Bromfield. He was born and raised in Miami, Florida and attended Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University in Tallahassee. Courtney received his bachelor's of arts degree in Journalism and Public Relations. After graduating from college, Bromfield was immediately hired to work for a print shop in North Miami. His education allowed him to see beyond the traditional work standards that he felt was limiting him.

While working at this print shop, Bromfield felt that there was a mutual respect between himself and the employers. Although there was a mutual respect, Courtney still had a vision that was beyond working for a company that was not willing to compensate him for his degree, passion, and hard work. Thus, he co-founded Quantum Courier, a courier company that prides themselves on friendly, affordable, and fast delivery services with "Possibility in every direction". He is a very hand-on co-founder, who also serves as a lead driver and transportation coordinator for Quantum Courier, LLC. He has held this position for two years and is working hard to expand his business throughout the state. These days, Courtney wakes up more enthusiastic than ever.

Bromfield handles documents for everyone from title companies, law firms, realtors, doctors, as well as parcel companies. Beyond his career, Courtney has a goal to cultivate a mentor group for single fathers. As a single father for six years, he has learned that fatherhood brings him great joy but also many sacrifices. Over the years he has created social support network with a handful of single fathers he has came across at the parks he brings his two children to but his overall goal is to create a mentor and support group for single fathers that can ultimately form into a brotherhood.