Claire Prieto
Outreach Specialist, Vivent Health

Claire Prieto graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a bachelor's degree in International Development Studies. Claire has since worked on public health projects in eastern Africa that focused on strengthening maternal health services in rural areas. Upon her return to the States, Claire spent four years managing a local gourmet chocolate business, where she learned the ins and outs of wholesale, retail, and small business growth and operations. Desiring to return to non-profit and people-focused work, she joined the growing force at Vivent Health, one of the nation's leading HIV prevention and treatment organizations, previously known as the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin. In her role, she is part of a new team implementing Data to Care work, which is an effective intervention using data to identify individuals living with HIV who are not engaged in medical care and facilitates linkage to those services. Claire is also co-chair of the Viral Suppression Committee at Vivent Health, which serves as the driving energy behind new strategies meant to reach higher viral suppression rates among patients. In 2019, Claire helped the agency achieve a viral suppression rate of 95%, which well exceeds the CDC's National HIV/AIDS Strategy target for 2020 by a remarkable 15%. Claire is planning to pursue a Master of Public Health in epidemiology to study local and global disease burdens and surveillance in the modern world. In addition to public health work, over the past twelve years, Claire has actively participated in various ways to increase voter awareness, registration, and turnout in public elections across the country. She hopes to run for local public office in the future. Claire is an advocate for social justice and committed to fighting for the rights of oppressed and marginalized individuals around the world.