Ciera Young
The Ellis School, Director of Equity & Inclusion

Ciera Young is the Director of Equity & Inclusion at The Ellis School for Girls. She strives to be a servant educator: First, a space maker and education disrupter. Second, someone who creates a sense of belonging in the school community so that children will thrive. Third, A teacher that brings out the best in every child

Originally from Columbus, OH, Ciera came to Pittsburgh to study at Chatham College for Women. After completing Bachelors degrees in Cultural Studies and International Studies with a minor in Film she completed a year of service with Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience as the Community Liaison for Manchester Academic Charter School. Her interests in community and multi-faith organizing led her to participate in the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs and the Bible Center Ralph and Bernice Groce Ministry House in Homewood.

When she is not working she is serving. She mentors a powerful teen through Amachi Pittsburgh and serves on the YWCA Center for Race and Gender Equity Advisory Board and the YWCA’s Young Leaders Board. She is a former member of the Advisory Committee for Public Source’s “I Am A Black Girl And…” Project, Adagio Health Young Leaders Council, and Prototype PGH’s Board of Directors.  For self-care, Ciera loves to read, travel, write, and watch movies.