Christopher Moken
ByFusion (For Profit) & Re-Mat (Nonprofit), Growth Manager (ByFusion) Founder and Executive Director (Re-Mat)

Christopher Moken is an advocate for the circular economy and an entrepreneur currently involved in two projects that increase environmental sustainability while driving economic growth. He’s working for ByFusion, a B-Corporation that upcycles ANY plastic waste into building blocks that can be used to construct affordable housing, and is working to launch mattress recycling facilities in several major Texas metro areas through a nonprofit he founded called Re-Mat. He’s passionate about advancing zero waste and circular economy practices across the nation and is always looking for new and exciting projects and partners. He hopes his experience with NLC will allow him to network with others that share his passion, identify and correct his weaknesses, and provide him the opportunity to explore and obtain leadership positions through which he can have a larger impact across the nation.