Christopher Cayer
Confidential Assistant to the Director, AFGE

Chris Cayer is originally from Connecticut but has spent time accumulating degrees and living in Boston and Chicago. He graduated from Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts with a bachelor's degree in American history in 2005. He then enrolled in a master's program in American history at Loyola University Chicago. Chris completed his degree in 2008 and entered the robust job market that awaits all college graduates.

Chris is now pursuing a PhD in American history at American University in Washington, DC. His concentration is on urban and cultural history, with an emphasis on 20th century social and cultural movements. Chris focuses on the interplay between music and cultural and social change, where cities serve as the vibrant intersections of race, class, and gender that propel these movements forward.

Christopher Cayer also works for the American Federation of Government Employees, where he advocates for the rights of federal employees in the Field Services and Education department. Chris works with the FSED team on federal contract bargaining, the AFGE DEFCON steering committee, and course development and online training. He believes that no force is stronger than collective action and that workers' rights are human rights.