Chol Dhoor
He/ Him/His
Founder and Executive Director, Sudanese Foundation of Vermont Inc

Chol Dhoor is the founder and executive director of the Sudanese Foundation of Vermont (SUDFUND) Inc. SUDFUND is a nonprofit organization in Vermont with the mission of investing in and supporting families so they can raise their children to succeed academically and athletically in Vermont. Chol graduated from the University of Vermont with a Bachelors of Arts in Economics. He is a Programs and Community Outreach Manager at the Clemmons Family Farm.

Chol is very active in the community and works with New American community members to identify their unique needs and create opportunities to meet those needs. Chol has served on a number of boards and committees since he graduated from college. He was appointed in January, 2018 to serve on the Community Development and Block Grant Advisory Board of Burlington and make funding recommendations to the city council. He currently serves as a trustee at Fletcher Free Library and a board member at Spectrum Youth and Family Services.