Chloe Owens
Justice Organizer, Empower Missouri

Chloe believes in the power of organizing and storytelling on the journey to change our communities. She is a social worker and an emerging documentary filmmaker and photographer on a mission to amplify the voices and stories of people often misrepresented or ignored. Currently, Chloe works as the Justice Organizer for Empower Missouri, supporting the Missouri HIV Justice Coalition with its effort to change the state's criminal statutes regarding HIV. In this role, she focuses on leadership development and capacity building of coalition members to work within political systems to achieve their mission.

While Chloe is passionate about advocacy and has spent her career developing her skills as an organizer, she is first and foremost a creative seeking to produce art that challenges the limited narratives about people of color and speaks truth to power about systems of oppression in our nation. It was through her time fighting for racial justice as a college student in St. Louis that she first discovered her love for storytelling. She used video to uplift the voices of fellow black students and staff at her school. Even though she had never created a documentary before, the final result was powerful, and she was hooked. After completing her Master's in Social Work from the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, Chloe earned a Graduate Certificate in Documentary Filmmaking. Her ultimate goal is to combine her organizing background with her love of non-fiction film into an organization that produces content and campaigns to create just communities.