Catherine Young
Mortgage Solutions Analyst, State Financial Network

Catherine Young serves as a financial advisor and mortgage solutions analyst for individuals struggling with financial default. By focusing on tailoring spending trends and strengthening economic knowledge, she helps families and individuals not only to cure their default but keep an arsenal of financial literacy for the future. In her current role, Catherine created a program that provides free financial literacy courses to the public centered on mortgage types, saving and money management.

In March 2019, Catherine launched an online clothing boutique for women where she was later recognized in Voyage Magazine September 2019 Edition for her work as a "trailblazer" in the fashion industry. She continues to feature local designers on her website to be recognized through their artistic creation in hopes of promoting dynamic self expression. Aside from her professional and entrepreneurial endeavors, Catherine serves actively in her church, St. Paul A.M.E, as a member of the homeless and youth advocacy groups. She is passionate about creating a bridge between community and church with hopes of promoting the importance of spirituality in life.

Catherine graduated from Temple University, Fox School of Business with a Bachelor of Arts in International Business and track in Legal Studies. At Temple, she was a member of the International Business Association and Black Student Union, and a recipient of the A.K.A. Community Service Scholarship, and Gabriel Battista Scholarship. As a student ambassador, she traveled to Indonesia to analyze potential business opportunities for the Temple community. In 2020, she plans to attend law school in the D.C. area with interest in international law and civil rights litigation.

In addition, Catherine has served as an AmeriCorps Vista for the Office of Civic Engagement & Volunteer Service for the Philadelphia Mayor's Office. She is passionate and deeply committed to improving communities through diversity and cultural inclusion, financial and economic literacy, expression and conversation. As a lover of travel, cooking, and poetry, Catherine lives by the quotes, "know a little bit about a lot," and more importantly, "lift as you climb."