Cassie Mira Nicholson
Freelance Consultant

Cassie Mira is a technologist and interdisciplinary artist based in Houston, Texas. Her experience teaching adult computer courses in different neighborhood satellite libraries of the Milwaukee Public Library resulted in a commitment to decreasing the digital divide and provide equitable technology access. In addition, as the first transgender woman to come out at work and transition at her workplace, she became a leader in advocating for a fair bathroom policy as well as other policies which affected trans staff, faculty, and students. Through this experience, she became part of the informal peer-to-peer mentoring support network for trans newcomers to the community, acting as a resource for health care and other support needs. She is passionate about organizing for policy issues that affect the LGBTQI* community.

In 2018, she co-curated Failure to Con/Form, a performance series which spotlighted national and local trans, genderqueer, intersex, and gender-non-conforming writers, performers, and visual artists in Houston, Texas. The series organized a story circle for the local trans community focused around topics of healing and safety, which seeded the themes of shelter and fabrication and was funded by the Idea Fund.

Her artistic practice explores human interaction through transitional experience. Informed by LGBTQI* historical moments and the development of technology, she investigates upheaval and the adaptive response of individuals and communities. She utilizes the practices of mash-up and assemblage in combination with durational performance, ritual, and meditation to evoke curiosity, inspire contemplation, and imagine new futures.

Cassie Mira received her Bachelor's degree in Art and a minor in Computer Science from Sam Houston State University. Recently, she has joined the organizing team for Experimental Action 2019, a biennial international performance art festival.