Carly Muetterties
University of Kentucky, Doctoral Candidate

Carly is a doctoral candidate at the University of Kentucky, completing a Ph.D. in Education Sciences, Curriculum and Instruction in Social Studies. She earned her BA in Secondary Education in Social Studies, Masters in History, and Masters in German Studies at the University of Kentucky, and her Masters in Education at Georgetown College. She taught high school social studies for several years before returning to graduate school.

Her research focuses on integrating civic education within all subjects. She is guided by the belief that applying learning to relevant civic matters empowers students to meaningfully engage in civic life. Her current research project analyzes civic education within world history courses, addressing how teachers foster global mindsets and inform civic participation.

Carly’s schooling and service work is driven by a desire to advocate on behalf of Kentucky educators and students. She has held several fellowships building resources for educational organizations, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, Jefferson County Public Schools, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, the Kentucky Council for the Social Studies (KCSS), and the Korean War Legacy Foundation. At present, she holds several leadership positions for national and state organizations, including serving as the Executive Director of KCSS; Managing Editor of; Steering Committee representative for the Central Kentucky Chapter of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (KFTC); and advocate for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA).

Carly spends much of her free time running around Lexington and enjoying the company of her family and friends, who she forces to engage in political discussions with her. She also plays D-league volleyball, where her main strength is enthusiasm, rather than ability.