Carly Kien
Southwest Florida Territory Manager, MenMD

Carly Kien is a native of Tampa and graduate of the University of South Florida. After earning a degree in biomedical sciences and psychology, Carly discovered her interest in sexual medicine and in the ways our sexual health affects our lives. After just two years working in the field of men's sexual medicine, she began to see the lack of education about women's sexual health and wellness, not only in the culture at large, but also within the medical community. Since then, she has made it her mission to expand access to sexual education and resources for women, and to begin to break the taboos around discussing sexual health. Carly was a co-host of Vag U in 2019, a women's sex education event that brought together women from all areas of the sexual wellness space to teach and promote sexual health to women in Tampa.

As an emerging activist and experienced sexual health professional, Carly aims to find new ways to bring sexual education and wellness into focus as a public health issue, and to have it competently addressed by local and national leadership.

Her ultimate goals include bringing comprehensive sexual education programs to every school in Florida (and beyond) and providing sexual education to adults who did not receive sex ed in adolescence.