Brandon Wilson
He/ Him/His
Planning Consultant, Urban Design Ventures, LLC

Brandon Wilson is an urban planning consultant at Urban Design Ventures. He grew up in Lewisburg, PA before relocating to Pittsburgh to get his undergraduate degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Sociology at the University of Pittsburgh. While earning his degree, Brandon studied abroad in Berlin, Germany where he developed a passion for cities, international travel, and international politics. Following graduation, he became a social studies teacher through Teach for America and was placed as a fourth grade teacher at a charter school in Cleveland, Ohio. Due to discontent within this school system, Brandon helped lead a unionization drive to make lives better for teachers and students at the school.

Following his teaching experience, Brandon returned to Pittsburgh and enrolled in a graduate program at Carnegie Mellon's Heinz College of Public Policy and Management to study the disparities between neighborhoods in cities and learn how to create more equitable places. At Heinz, he learned data science and mapping methods to address housing and transit policy, and is currently working as a community development and planning consultant at Urban Design Ventures in Homestead, PA. He has traveled to cities throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina to assist them in developing plans for housing and community development, and pursuing housing equity in these regions. He has also worked on modernizing his office with data analytics practices.

Outside of work, Brandon enjoys running and biking, as well as exploring neighborhoods of his own city. He is also passionate about music and traveling, both domestically and internationally.