Brandon Hall
CEO and Founder, Learn Around The World

Brandon Hall is a co-founder of Learn Around The World, an education non-profit with the mission to help create globally-minded citizens. He also believes that with today's technology, he can help inspire youth to start their own journeys of learning from cultures to become well rounded, global citizens in the 21st century.

Using video broadcasting to virtually take K-5 students around the world, Brandon introduces students to new cultures, peoples, and historical sites with the intention of sparking curiosity. He has combined his passions of travel, learning, and teaching to help usher in the next generation of global citizens. He believes in the power of radical empathy and he harnesses it as a tool to help tear down cultural and national walls, that were traditionally used to divide instead of uniting. This is the core of Brandon's life work and Learn Around The World's mission.

While in university, Brandon began his teaching journey as a summer camp counselor. This experience sparked his passion for working with youth. After that summer, he took a role in environmental education and honed his teaching and facilitation skills as an outdoor science instructor. Throughout his career, Brandon has enjoyed living and working in California, Florida, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, South Korea, and Maine. These experiences have exposed him to people and cultures from all over the world, which inspired him to take a critical look at his own cultural upbringing. This process was fruitful, difficult, and life changing.

Brandon was born and raised in North Carolina before making his way to Maine via the summer camp industry. After meeting his wife, Kelsey, they moved to South Korea as English teachers for three years. While living in Korea, they adopted their cat/Luck Dragon, Falcor, and learned to love kimchi.