Blake Peterson
Keystone Financial Services, FInancial Advisor

Blake Peterson is a Financial Advisor at Keystone Financial Services. He was recruited to the Omaha area from Denver in 2017, where he now resides with his wife and two dogs. Blake spent the previous five years working in the oil and gas industry.

Having achieved his goals in the energy industry, Blake decided to spend his time to something more purposeful and fulfilling. His passion now lies in educating individuals and families in legacy planning, so they can create and sustain healthy, functional lifestyles that are supported by wealth, rather than plagued by a lack of it. Keystone has a strict no-minimum rule meaning that anyone and everyone deserves a seat at the table, regardless of status.Blake dedicates his time to the city of Omaha by sitting on the Administrative Board of Appeals. He takes great pride in assisting people with their everyday problems and believes that true change comes from local government doing the right thing.

Blake enjoys being involved with local nonprofits, including the Business Ethics Alliance of Omaha. The core values that constitute the Alliance’s mission statement directly align with how Blake believes in doing business. Blake looks forward to enacting as much positive change in the community as possible, leaving behind a legacy of compassion.